Information Governance

Powering Technology with Governance

Amount of data is growing explosively today. Technology is extensively applied though diversity and complexity is increasing substantially. Management of the ensemble is accelerating more laborious.

In the current marketplace, maturity models, standards, methodologies and guidelines exist that can help an organization control the business solution management. However, most available approaches focus only a specific or separate part of the business area and do not take a systematic approach to the whole assembly.

Information Chart of Accounts® focus on improving the business areas by governance of the business critical information accomplishing the whole ensemble into the integrated and adaptive business solution and aligning organization strategy with operations. Governance framework contains principles articulating the strategy, policies and plans for the organization:

  • Establishing responsibilities
  • Accomplishing objectives
  • Empowering acquirements
  • Ensuring performance
  • Assuring conformance
  • Conducting compliance

Information Chart of Accounts® (ICA)

ICA combines IT and business processes as an integrated assembly. The processes are defined as hierarchical list and each process is assigned to the separate information account. ICA is fundamentally similar to chart of accounts (COA) but used instead for the management of information not financial data. ICA creates common language between business and IT management enabling adaptive and agile procedure for information governance.




  • Define: Business and IT processes
  • Assign: Processes to Information Accounts
    • Result: Information Governance Blueprint




  • Analyse: Key performance indicators
  • Validate: Critical success factors
    • Result: Information Governance Reports




  • Build: Technology platform
  • Deploy: Data sources to Information Objects
    • Result: Information Governance Solution




  • Optimize: Data, information, knowledge cycle
  • Automate: Information monitoring and controlling
    • Result: Information Governance Improvement