Online Support

We provide remote services for online support.

Achieving a desired steady state of managing services on day-to-day basis is the main function of the support services operation.

Appropriate support methods, processes and tools allow the solutions to be successfully implemented and operated ensuring the agreed levels of availability and performance of services.

Onsite Support

We provide in person services for onsite support.

Proper support service procedure provides the basis for establishing effective use of services by business users and customers and produces efficient service management, maintenance and ongoing improvement.

Support Service Processes

We apply best practises and standards in support services.

The aim of support service operation is to ensure the smoothly run of the live operational environment.

A wealth of knowledge encourages to adopt a practical but principled approach to find also long-term success and durable capabilities in support service management:

  • ITIL - IT Infrastructure Library
  • CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration


Good communication promotes effective service operation.

Appropriate communication in support service operation have an intended purpose or a resultant action.

Indicating the needs and purposes communication also engage service principles into the support operation practice.