We think that successful business transactions depend on the strategy and operations which are associated with the business and IT processes. Those processes are assembled to the business solution which interacts within and across the organization boundaries.

Information Chart of Accounts® (ICA) for management, methods, processes and tools enable comprehensive though adaptive and agile procedure for the business solution implementation and development.

About Us

We have persistent competence from SAP ecosystems on the areas of designing, implementing, deploying and optimizing the systems in the projects, processes and deliveries.

Igventure provides consultancy for designing, implementing and managing of SAP and IT ecosystems, projects and processes. We believe that successful administration of business transactions requires solid management of information: control of logistics, financials, services and competences, in other words qualified information governance for your ventures.

We have competence in variety of SAP solutions within different business sectors, areas and locations.

Our Solution

ICA enable best practices and standards assembly into adaptive business solution.

    1. ICA Plan
    • Information Governance Blueprint

    • 2. ICA Do
    • Information Governance Solution

    • 3. ICA Check
    • Information Governance Reports

    • 4. ICA Act
    • Information Governance Improvement